This is me....

Dennie Skaggs

I wanted to tell everyone about myself. And I hope you all share a little too.

I live in Arizona now but I grew up in Hayward, California. I am 47 years old with 2 kids. Both adults now, 23 and 18.

I work for my county's Public Works department from 6 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday thru Thursday.

I started this waterslide business to help others because I had a color laser printer and most people didn't and I needed the money. My husband has a chronic heart condition that made it impossible for him to work in his profession. He was a prison guard and now he doesn't work at all. We live in a small town and it is very hard to get a well paying job and his early retirement pays more than any job here that he could do. So I am the main bread winner of my small family. I work full time and take any overtime that is offered to me. I fill orders until about 8:30 every evening and most of the weekends. Sometimes I get behind. Hubby has a lot of doctor appointments and takes a lot of meds. He doesn't always feel well so I take care of him too.

I have ventured into the digital download market but it is very difficult since there are a lot more talented people than I doing this.

I want you all to know that I appreciate everyone who orders from me and I strive to provide excellent customer service. I will make mistakes but I try to own up to them and I will make it up to you if I do. Sometimes I will forget things and I apologize for that. I try to write everything down on your order form if you change something but I will forget and mess up.

So if you have read my novel I applaud you! LOL. 

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